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ProxySwitcher Standard 6.5

Manage a list of proxy servers and switch between them
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Proxy Switcher Standard can help you change your proxy settings easily. Moreover, it can also let you surf the web anonymously. Although the application’s interface is rather intuitive and there is also a wizard to help you configure your connection, you will probably need at least basic knowledge about connecting via proxy servers.

Using proxies is a way to preserve your privacy by hiding your real IP. Proxy Switcher Standard not only lets you set a list of proxies from which you can select the desired one, it can also change your proxy server automatically to make your connection more difficult to track. This is also useful when the current proxy stops responding appropriately. Furthermore, you can either create your own proxy list manually or let the program scan the net to find open proxies. If you connect through a local proxy server or a socks server, as those in schools and companies, you can effectively provide your authentication data to create a virtual private network.

In general, Proxy Switcher Standard can effectively let you change between proxies without needing to enter all the configuration data. Unfortunately, it only supports Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It can scan the net to find active servers
  • It can change your proxy settings automatically
  • It can connect through local proxies


  • It requires at leat basic knowledge of what connecting through a proxy means
  • It only supports IT and Firefox
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